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Grimm's Fairy Tales: Complete and Illustrated

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    Grimm's Fairy Tales: Complete and Illustrated
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    A to Z Classics is the reference in classical works. All our works are of good quality and contain an active table of contents (HTML), which will make it easier for you to read.

    Once Upon a Time...

    Go into the woods with Grimm's Fairy Tales. Full of magic and trickery, these stories have delighted generations with such timeless classics as Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, and Rapunzel.

    The Complete Fairy Tales

    Every fairy tales collected by the Brothers Grimm are included?that's over 200 tales. Popular favorites include:

    ? Cinderella
    ? Beauty and the Beast
    ? Little Red-Cap (Little Red Riding Hood)
    ? Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty)
    ? Hansel and Grethel
    ? Snow White
    ? Rapunzel
    ? Rumpelstiltskin
    ? and hundreds more!

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    TítuloGrimm's Fairy Tales: Complete and Illustrated
    AutorWilhelm Grimm, Jacob Grimm, The griffin classics
    Año de Edición2020
    Núm. Páginas450
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    Tamaño Archivo (Virtual)37.2
    Formato Electrónico (Virtual)EPUB
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