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    "Attaining Guanxi depends on all the principles being in place. The key is the concept of harmony; without harmonious relationships, for example where there are competing or conflicting relationships, there can be no trust, without trust, Lian or face will be lost. Also without trust, Mian-zi cannot be used to continue, or develop, reciprocity. And so, Guanxi cannot be established. The whole system falls down."
    Canshu Su paused again and sure of his attention, went on. She turned to look at Shanghai from the office window. She lowered her voice.
    "Mayor Cian Tian makes deals with the Laowai (foreigners) because he has blind faith in competitive relationships based on conflict, not in Guanxi relationships. He does not follow traditional values. Isn't it ironic? That Mao's work has so reduced us morally that we greedily embrace the capitalist system? The Mayor of Nanking is different; he sees that traditions are valuable." She turned to face him boldly."

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