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High Performance and the Human Touch

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    High Performance and the Human Touch
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    There are still companies that believe that they can achieve the best results through high performance in business alone, instead of applying the human factor. These companies operate under stress and anxiety. In the end, the best employees leave the company first. But the human factor without high performance does not work either. Despite the importance of a good atmosphere in a company, it is not a sufficient guarantee for lasting quality performances. In the long run, a company at the highest performance level will only work when high performance AND the human factor characterize the leadership in equal shares. In the end, companies never profit at the expense of their employees, nor
    do the employees profit at the expense of the company.

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    SubtítuloThe pragmatic Concept of Leadership for healthy Top Performance
    AutorFrank Breckwoldt
    Biografía del Autor

    Frank Breckwoldt is an active entrepreneur and trainer - a seldom combination. He founded the hairdressing chain company Ryf Coiffeur in the middle of the Eighties with both his
    brothers. The company which is now managed by Breckwoldt has around 100 salons in Germany and in Switzerland with approx. 1000 staff. Breckwoldt has been training
    managerial staff since 1998 besides his work as an active entrepreneur of well?known firms such as Media Markt, Otto, Rossmann and Bacardi Deutschland as well as a number of
    successful privately owned companies.

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    TítuloHigh Performance and the Human Touch

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