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Holacraft 1.0

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    Holacraft 1.0
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    Holacraft 1.0 follows the journeys of a pro surfer, Miguel, and an AI coder, Juan Hernandez. Each protagonist experiences the shock of loss and the resulting despair which causes them to look deeper inside of themselves for the answers to what it means to live purposeful lives. What transpires are 2 journeys that propel each protagonist to question their motivations, taking on higher forms of consciousness that transcend dark and light. Both protagonists use different forms of psychedelics to expand and grow their awareness, setting them on a new path of awareness, self discovery and abundance.

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    TítuloHolacraft 1.0
    SubtítuloTranscending Duality
    AutorSimon Inglis
    Biografía del Autor

    \"I used to be a nine-to-fiver who stared at Bloomberg screens, settling trades and climbing London\'s corporate ladder. Then I got the blues.To find myself, I set off for South America where I climbed Aconcagua (the highest peak in the Southern Hemisphere), surfed in Lima and Florianopolis, visited Salar de Uyuni and cycled the world\'s most dangerous road.

    But all of that didn\'t work.

    When I returned to South Africa, I found myself back in unfulfilling jobs, lost and uncomfortable with who I was. Until I met my mentor, Paul Falconer.

    Paul\'s inspiration sparked an \'Aha!\' moment for me. I realised that my identity wasn\'t just shaped by my worldview, but also by my environment. Setting out to understand the systems that shape the modern world, I found that short-term gain and environmental exploitation were producing a scenario that\'s exacerbating both global warming and the gap between the rich and the poor. It\'s little wonder that so many people in the world feel disempowered, living in a world shaped by systems of greed.

    So I turned my attention to nature; maybe we could learn from her? I packed my bags for South-East Asia, where I travelled and worked on small-scale permaculture farms. It struck me that, more than just a farming philosophy, the principles of permaculture could be applied to the way we live our lives as individuals; the choices we make and the future we choose to build.

    This is why, on my return to South Africa, I completed my Permaculture Design Course and established Kultcha ? an educational platform for sustainable development. It is my hope that this course instills in people the skills and knowledge they need to feel empowered; to create change in their own lives and the lives of others. Together, we can become the solution.

    Having created Kultcha and written \'Living your Purpose in The Social Age\', I turned my attention to the novel \'Holacraft 1.0 - Transcending Duality\'.\"

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