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Holiday Hookup - Episode 1


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Holiday Hookup - Episode 1
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Nathaniel Feldmann delights once again with his expat adventures. American expat Joel is on holiday on the Dutch island of Vlieland, in a luxurious holiday home belonging to his best friend Sander's parents.

Needing some time out from his maybe-maybe not boyfriend, he jumps at the chance of a holiday with Sander. Amongst the sea views, they check out a pair of other holidaymakers in the supermarket, and things get flirtatious when they see the same guys in a restaurant that night. Sander has his eye on Dutch rapper Pimmy, while Johan's muscular body has Joel drooling.

The four head to the beach for a steamy makeout session in the sand. When a storm hits, they go back to Sander's parents' lavish place, turn on the sauna and party with abandon. The tension builds with Johan in the heat of the sauna. With their friends right next to them, he gives Joel a pounding to remember, eclipsing all memories of the sort of boyfriend back in the city.

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SubtítuloA summer fling with a hot Dutch guy for a gay expat on holiday
AutorNathaniel Feldmann
Biografía del Autor

Nathaniel Feldmann paints vivid pictures with his writing. He is capable of transporting his readers to remarkable scenarios where anything is possible.

With well-constructed characters and a unique poetic sensitivity, he creates high art gay erotica, a feast for the mind and soul.

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TítuloHoliday Hookup - Episode 1

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