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Idylls of the King

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    Idylls of the King
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    Idylls of the King retells the legend of King Arthur, his knights, his love for Guinevere and her tragic betrayal of him, and the rise and fall of Arthur's kingdom. The whole work recounts Arthur's attempt and failure to lift up mankind and create a perfect kingdom, from his coming to power to his death at the hands of the traitor Mordred.
    The Coming of Arthur
    Gareth and Lynette
    The Marriage of Geraint
    Geraint and Enid
    Balin and Balan
    Merlin and Vivien
    Lancelot and Elaine
    The Holy Grail
    Pelleas and Ettarre
    The Last Tournament
    The Passing of Arthur
    To the Queen

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    TítuloIdylls of the King
    SubtítuloArthurian Romances
    AutorAlfred Tennyson
    Biografía del Autor

    Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-1892) was Poet Laureate of Great Britain and Ireland during much of Queen Victoria\'s reign and remains one of the most popular British poets. Tennyson excelled at penning short lyrics. Much of his verse was based on classical mythological themes. Tennyson also wrote some notable blank verse including \"Idylls of the King\", \"Ulysses\", and \"Tithonus\". A number of phrases from Tennyson\'s work have become commonplaces of the English language.

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    Núm. Páginas214
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