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In the intriguing novella 'In Jeopardy,' Van Tassel Sutphen crafts a tale of suspense and psychological intricacy. Set against the backdrop of early 20th-century Calverton, Maryland, the narrative unfolds through a letter penned in quaint longhand, emanating from the professional milieu of the law office of Eldon & Crawford. Sutphen's literary style is marked by its elegant prose and a flair for the dramatic that encapsulates the period's literary essence. The reader is drawn into a labyrinthine plot that is as concise as it is captivating, hinting at a mystery that demands unraveling by the discerning reader, who is invited to 'judge for yourself' the implications of the cryptic communication.

Van Tassel Sutphen, an author whose works often elucidate the nuanced relationships between societal expectations and individual dilemmas, has woven a narrative that resonates with his readers' predilection for the genteel yet enigmatic. His background as a writer and editor during the turn of the century might have informed the particularities of the setting and the styling of his characters, as he mirrors the complexity of his contemporary society within the constraints of the novella's brief format.

To the literary enthusiast with a penchant for vintage suspense, 'In Jeopardy' stands out as an exquisitely fashioned gem. It offers not only a window into the mores of a bygone era but also a testament to Sutphen's capacity to captivate with understated narrative power. Readers will find satisfaction in the delicate unraveling of the mystery presented, as each fold of the letter reveals deeper shades of intrigue. It is recommended for those who appreciate literary puzzles served with a touch of sophistication.


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Van Tassel Sutphen
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In Jeopardy
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<p>Van Tassel Sutphen (1861?1945) was an American author known for his contribution to early twentieth-century literature, particularly in the realm of mystery and suspense. Sutphen, a native of Washington D.C., enjoyed a career that spanned various forms of writing, from journalism to novel authorship. His penchant for crafting narratives that combined elements of intrigue and drama with a touch of the supernatural set his work apart in the literary scene of his time. \'In Jeopardy\' stands as a testament to Sutphen\'s narrative skills, weaving a compelling tale that captures the reader\'s attention through its twists and heightened tension. Drawing from his experiences and interests in the occult and paranormal, Sutphen created stories that often defy straightforward classification, dwelling in the interstices between genres. His prose is marked by a distinct eloquence and an underlying sophistication, which has garnered a modest but dedicated following among connoisseurs of classic mystery fiction. Despite not achieving the same level of fame as some of his contemporaries, Sutphen\'s literary creations, including \'In Jeopardy,\' contribute a unique voice to the American literary canon of the early 1900s, and they continue to be appreciated for their atmospheric intensity and intricate storytelling.</p>
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