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Indigo Girls

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    Indigo Girls
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    'Zara's an alpha - the first letter of the Greek alphabet. She's popular. I'm more like one of the obscure letters in the middle that no one's ever heard of - an omicron or something.' Zara, Tilly and Mieke go to different schools and live in different social worlds. But for two weeks every summer they're the Indigo Girls - surfing, bushwalking, or just hanging out at the campground or the nearby resort. This year Mieke doesn't show up, and Zara and Tilly - the queen bee and the geek - are left circling each other, unsure how to relate without Mieke in the middle. Soon it becomes a summer of change and a summer of secrets; a summer for losing themselves but finding each other. 'Teenage girls will love the raw truth about their lives which has been captured in this book.' - Lucienne, age 16, Silverfish Book Group

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    TítuloIndigo Girls
    AutorPenni Russon
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    Penni Russon grew up in Hobart, roaming around on a small mountain and making up stories about imaginary lost pets with her best friend. She used to write poetry until she discovered novels were a lot more forgiving. The Undine series, Undine, Breathe and Drift , published by Random House in Australia and Greenwillow in the US, is a series of books about a magical girl, set in Hobart\'s streets and the surrounding bush and seascapes. Penni lives in St Andrews, Victoria, with her husband and two daughters, and maintains a sometimes daily blog called Eglantine\'s Cake. Find out more about Penni at: or

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