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Intelligent Soccer Training

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    Intelligent Soccer Training
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    Intelligent Soccer Training is the follow-up book to The Soccer Games and Drills Compendium: 350 Smart and Practical Games to Form Intelligent Players.
    In this companion, you will find 150 training exercises that teach the basic tactical and technical skills of modern soccer, including running behavior (running, chasing, and catching); ball techniques (ball control, dribbling, first-touch control, passing, and shooting); group tactics; various games entries; as well as how to improve action speed and game intelligence. With its wide range of information, the book is useful for all playing ages and performance levels.
    Intelligent Soccer Training veers from known training content and instead presents innovative and modern training forms of basic training, developing new forms and extending the range of exercise and play for the interested trainer. Ultimately, trainers should get to know new exercises and modern and additional forms of play to expand their repertoire to be able to offer varied and motivating training for their players, and this book helps them do that.
    The theory of intelligent training, which follows the practice-oriented section, further answers questions about training and competition. In this section, you will learn all there is to know about talent definition, talent development, management composition, teaching and learning techniques, game system, position specifics, and training atmosphere.
    With this book, all players and coaches will have the knowledge and skills needed to excel at the game of soccer.

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    TítuloIntelligent Soccer Training
    SubtítuloSimulating Games to Improve Technique & Tactics
    AutorFabian Seeger, Andree Fincke
    Biografía del Autor

    Andree Fincke is a former professional soccer player. Now he works as a teacher and trainer at the elite sports school, Alter Teichweg, in Hamburg. Fincke is responsible for the school\'s soccer project and is also the chairman of the school soccer technical committee for Hamburg.
    Fabian Seeger is the author of The Soccer Games and Drills Compendium, Creative Soccer Training, and Circle Soccer Training. Fabian received a master\'s degree in sports science from the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany, and an A license for coaching from the DFB (German Soccer Association). He is a basecamp coach for the DFB\'s talent development program, and he also serves as advisor to the Hamburger Soccer Association coach\'s training.

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