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Island Nights' Entertainments

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    Island Nights' Entertainments
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    The title of the volume which includes The Beach of Falesa, The Bottle Imp, and The Isle of Voices. The 'Beach' turns on the native dread of the spirit-devils in the woods, interwoven with which is the island life of natives and whites viewed through the eyes of a commonplace trade. It is a picture of the South Seas, very different from the idylls of Hermann Melville. In 'The Bottle Imp', the protagonist buys a bottle with an imp inside that grants wishes. However, the bottle is cursed; if the holder dies bearing it, their soul is forfeit to hell. 'The Isle of Voices' is a fairytale of magic treasure.

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    TítuloIsland Nights' Entertainments
    AutorRobert Louis Stevenson
    Año de Edición2014
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