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Jane Gray and Raven Idols

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    Jane Gray and Raven Idols
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    Two brothers Agni and Raven (Also in the novel often appears the second name of the Raven - Crow.) Istukanov from early childhood dream of deeds. For Agnia, the main goal is engineering, Raven dreams of saving everyone he can. And then Raven learns about the nine-day Queen Lady Jane Gray. He very much loved this girl, but she lived 500 years ago. What if the brothers get to invent a time machine? And can the Raven save Jane Gray ??? ... 

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    TítuloJane Gray and Raven Idols
    AutorBogdan Lebedev
    Año de Edición2019
    Núm. Páginas282
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    Formato Electrónico (Virtual)EPUB
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