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John Muir: Wilderness Essays, Environmental Studies, Memoirs & Letters (Illustrated Edition)

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    John Muir: Wilderness Essays, Environmental Studies, Memoirs & Letters (Illustrated Edition)
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    This carefully edited collection of John Muir has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all device.

    Table of Contents:

    Picturesque California

    The Mountains of California

    Our National Parks

    My First Summer in the Sierra

    The Yosemite

    Travels in Alaska

    Stickeen: The Story of a Dog

    The Cruise of the Corwin

    A Thousand-mile Walk to the Gulf

    Steep Trails

    Studies in the Sierra

    Articles and Speeches:

    The National Parks and Forest Reservations

    Save the Redwoods

    Snow-Storm on Mount Shasta

    Features of the Proposed Yosemite National Park

    A Rival of the Yosemite

    The Treasures of the Yosemite

    Yosemite Glaciers

    Yosemite in Winter

    Yosemite in Spring

    Edward Henry Harriman

    Edward Taylor Parsons

    The Hetch Hetchy Valley

    The Grand Cañon of the Colorado


    The Story of My Boyhood and Youth

    Letters to a Friend


    Alaska Days with John Muir by Samuel Hall Young

    John Muir (1838-1914) was a Scottish-American naturalist, author, environmental philosopher and early advocate of preservation of wilderness in the United States. His letters, essays, and books telling of his adventures in nature, especially in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, have been read by millions. His activism helped to preserve the Yosemite Valley, Sequoia National Park and other wilderness areas. The Sierra Club, which he founded, is a prominent American conservation organization.

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    TítuloJohn Muir: Wilderness Essays, Environmental Studies, Memoirs & Letters (Illustrated Edition)
    SubtítuloPicturesque California, The Treasures of the Yosemite, Our National Parks?
    AutorJohn Muir
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