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Key Combination for Success

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    Key Combination for Success
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    The book Key Combination includes advices and techniques which can help you with your personal growth and improve your life. These advices and techniques helped the author to do just that and he still uses and applies them in his daily life and work. What is the Key Combination? Peace of mind, health, family, financial independence, human relations, self-awareness and love.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Andrej Mlin?ek is a motivational and inspirational speaker, an international entrepreneur and author. He has been dedicated to personal growth and positive orientation for twenty years and has built a direct sales organization, known as Adriatikus Group, which is successfully performing worldwide.
    Here are some of Andrej`s thoughts on this book:
    "In 1988 I read my first book about personal development, which really fascinated me. I was 20 years old at the time. Ever since I`ve been reading, listening and studying various books and their authors who deal with the history of personal development.
    I always wanted to know why some succeed in life, have a family, good health and good relations with others; they live a successful life, while others do not, regardless of a similar starting point in life. For twenty years I have been searching for the key combination in life, which enables us to live a life we want to and we can enjoy.
    At my home I have my own library and I study successful people.
    A research by an American insurance company, which involved observing the life of 100 students, from the age 25 to 65, revealed that after forty years of observation they were:
    1 RICH
    4 financially independent
    5 still work, because they have to work
    36 are dead
    54 are broke
    These results show that after 40 years 5% were successful and the other 95% were unsuccessful.
    The book KEY COMBINATION includes advice and techniques, which have been very helpful to me in my life and by which I still live today. I sincerely hope and wish this book will help the reader to improve his life and that each and every one can find a thought for himself and his life."

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    TítuloKey Combination for Success
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