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Kilburne 1

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    It seemed like Johnathan Pearce's biggest problem was the arrival of a little brother just a month before his birthday. Now, his parents keep insisting they have something planned, that they have not forgotten. Of course, John never found out if they meant it. In fact, he never got to spend more than a few days as an older brother.
    The day he returned with his family from the hospital was when an incident occurred in his small American hometown of Ferman. It's not a day that will be recorded in history; for all intents and purposes, a freak storm descended on the city and destroyed his house and a nearby recycling plant. But John knows the truth. After all, it was him that drove off the monster. How, he doesn't quite know, but now a one-footed lady has decided to mentor him so that he can get his powers under control.
    And John is going to need to learn all he can. That monster was just the first. More of them are coming, and they almost seem to have a purpose. But someone couldn't be deliberately summoning them, could they?
    Kilburne is a biographical tale of John Kilburne, detailing his life from when he was young and far into the future. The first in the series, Bed of Roses, tells the story of how he came to his powers and how he learnt to control them. It is a series that has been long underway for me, something that I have been writing for over a decade under many different names and set at various points in time. Kilburne, however, is my most serious and polished attempt, and I cannot wait to write more in the series.
    I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I had writing it.

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    SubtítuloBed of Roses
    AutorJens Christian Borch - Jensen
    Año de Edición2020
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    TítuloKilburne 1

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