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Kill All Trees

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    Kill All Trees
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    Sahra ChristIn a world of relatively extreme interconnection, narratives have the same power on and in our brains, but their source is most of the times distant, fake or simply irrelevant to us....You can see that you immediately try to "understand" the "story" in a time, space and emotions (intentions) fabric. It is brought to you via language and the story is your narrative. The sentences seem incomplete, but why should there be any connection at all? It's just random sentences through a medium after all. "You have to listen to Kanye West's "All Mine" while reading this book"

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    TítuloKill All Trees
    AutorSahra Christ
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    SAHRA CHRIST BÜCHERSahra Christ writes books that can be read in one day but have to be read multiple times. Her works have been labeled as \"overrated\" and \"tasteless\" by various magazines.Sahra Christ schreibt Bücher, die jeder an einem Tag lesen kann und mehrmals lesen muss. Ihre Bücher wurden in etwaigen Zeitschriften rezensiert. Sie gilt als \"Overrated\" und \"Geschmacklos.

    Año de Edición2019
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