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This book is written with the intention to let readers understand and learn Python programming in a fun and easy way. Basically everybody finds it hard to understand programming language. However with the right techniques and programming logics, anyone can learn Python programming easily.
In today's industry, Python programming is widely used for Big Data, Internet of Things, Geographical information, basic mathematical functions in school, university projects and etc. This book caters for all level of users who wants to explorer Python programming language. This book also covers important programming logics like bubble sorting, timer program, queen card program, running numbers, displaying prime numbers and etc to help to build up the programming skills.
All the programming steps and screenshots are clearly demonstrated in this book. Anyone completes reading and practicing sample codes of this book should be ready to take up good Python projects to further enhance their programming skills. All the programming logics has been utilized in many Python trainings and workshops.


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Elaiya Iswera Lallan
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Learn Python Programming the Easy and Fun Way
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<p>Mr Elaiya Iswera Lallan has been in the IT Industry for the past 12 years.He is Managing Director of Blue Micro Solutions ,which is based in SIRIM Bhd(Governmnet agency). Mr Lallan has extensive experience in the IT industry.He has recieved an award as a Federal Territory Entrepreneur.After obtaining his Bachelor Degree in Computers and Electronics Engineering from Kolej Bandar Utama (twinning program with University of Nottingham) year 2001,he joined the company called MIR as a Information Technology Consultant. He was performing computer programming tasks,and then joined as a software engineer in a new company called Neural Manufacturing Sdn Bhd.He had his best of experiences here when he was creating software technologies for the company\'s flagship product called e-Jari,which is a biometric security device.He created an enterprise time attendance system for this device that can be used by other companies ranging from SMEs to government offices. Some of the companies using this time attendance system are PejabatTanah &amp; Galian in Kuala Lumpur, Koperasi Malaysia, Bernama and ITIS. He also created a Guard Patrol and Intruder Detection System using the e-Jari, and was involved in the ISO9000:2001certification for the company.<br><br>With his extensive working experience and good track record of able to handle mega IT projects in government sector, Mr Lallan managed to join the incubatorship program under SIRIM Bhd in February 2010. With this Mr Lallan moved Blue Micro Solutions\' operations into the SIRIM building. He obtained certification from Ministry of Finance in Malaysia in the software fields where he can participate in tenders for government IT projects. He also started employing staffs to do IT projects and ventured into IT trainings in private corporations, government institutions and polytechnics, such as SKALI Bhd, Kolej Komuniti in Klang, Politeknik Ungku Omar in Ipoh and Politeknik Kuching in Sarawak. He has made Blue Micro Solutions to be a certified Human Resource Development Funds (HRDF)training provider to companies in Malaysia. With his proven track record in both the industrial and education worlds in IT, Mr Lallan has been awarded collaboration with Open University Malaysia (OUM) to offer affordable IT degree program to the public recently. Currently Mr Lallan is pursuing MSC status for his company Blue Micro Solutions. With his company Blue Micro Solutions growing in the right directions, Mr Lallan began to explore his opportunities to grow his business in overseas as well. Venturing into Canada, he successfully opened a branch called Blue Micro Canada Incorporated. He also successfully registered the company with the Canadian government in Toronto, whereby he received invitations to participate in the government tenders for IT projects. He also saw the opportunity to conduct IT trainings over the internet through webinars. He obtained license from Adobe USA to use its tool Adobe Connect to conduct webinars in Canada and United States of America.</p>
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ISBN: 9789670765136
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