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Learn Telepathy - increase your Mind Power. How to use telepathic techniques to transfer thoughts. The secrets of influence of thought.

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    Learn Telepathy - increase your Mind Power. How to use telepathic techniques to transfer thoughts. The secrets of influence of thought.
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    The power of thought? How is it possible? Every thought contains within it the power of thought - your thoughts, too. You only need to know how to recognise, strengthen and apply the power of thought.

    The secret of telepathy. The laws of the transfer of thought. The 7 lessons.

    Imagine welcoming a visitor, who has arrived only because you have personally chosen and invited them to visit you by the sole power of your thoughts. Numerous opportunities with friends or strangers, anywhere you like, will confirm your "fantastic" ability.

    Through the experiments provided, you will experience the mysterious power of telepathy and the influence of thought.

    Excerpt from the chapter "A simple experiment on the street" in the third instructional part (page 16):

    ... if you would like to test the power of your thoughts using the technique of building up thoughts - as explained clearly in the 2nd part - carry out the following experiment out on the street:

    Look calmly and fixedly at the back of the head of a person walking in front of you (at a distance of between 6 metres and 25 metres).
    Together with the thoughts that you have already built up inside yourself, visualise the person in front of you turning their head towards you. The more you have built up your thoughts, and the more vividly and strongly you imagine the person to be turning their head, the faster your success will be.
    Don't make any noise whatsoever. No coughing or clearing your throat, and don't make your footsteps become heavier. The connection may only take place through your thoughts and through your imagination ...

    Try it yourself and you'll be amazed as, with a sufficient build-up of thoughts, this and similar experiments have a high rate of success.

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    TítuloLearn Telepathy - increase your Mind Power. How to use telepathic techniques to transfer thoughts. The secrets of influence of thought.
    SubtítuloThe 7 lessons
    AutorRaymond Hesting, , Antje Gerner, Frank Stange
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    1st part: Unknown powers of nature - Unknown powers of the human person - The laws of the power of thought - Any goal can be achieved through the power of thought - How to strengthen your power of thought.

    2nd part: The power of thought has an external effect - Thoughts are actions - How to radiate your thoughts - Influencing others through thoughts - The technique of thought influence. (four different techniques)

    3rd part: Experiments with thought transfer - An experiment on the street - An experiment in the cinema or theatre - An experiment with friends - Telepathic influence during sleep - A telepathic magic display - Another trick with thought transfer - Influencing acquaintances from a distance - Another method of influence from a distance - What is important in thought transfer.

    4th part: The experiments of Dr. J. B. Rhine - The "Zehner cards" (according to Dr. Karl Zehner) Telepathy in hypnosis - A sixth sense experiment - A further experiment in hypnosis - What is the sixth sense - The sixth sense and games of chance - Practical instructions for lotteries and sweepstakes.

    5th part: The power of thought and health - The secret of mental healing power - Miracle healing through the power of thought - Practical rules for spiritual healing - Increasing capabilities - The power of thought and the little everyday things.

    6th part: Personal magnetism - Three small secrets to gaining friendship - Practical magic through thoughts - Magical experiments to copy - How to force love through thoughts - How to force faithfulness through thoughts.

    7th part: A sense of the future - Facts about sensing the future - Developing an inner voice - Indirect thought transfer - Experiments with reflexes - Inhibitions and mistakes through removing thoughts - Summaries and repetitions.

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