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Learning Shooting Sports

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    Learning Shooting Sports
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    ? you have your target in your sights, you breathe calmly and then ? the shot!

    Whether you shoot at cans or at targets, with balls, arrows, lasers or, later on, with actual sport ammunition, you want to be able to hit your target. That requires knowledge of your sport, the proper technique and equipment. How do you concentrate at just the right moment, keep your nerve and hit the target? We would like this book to be your practice companion. We will give you important information about equipment, techniques and about your physical fitness. You will get tips for practicing at home and we will tell you how to recognize and avoid mistakes.

    The little stork will accompany you throughout the book. He is very skilled at using his long, pointy beak and almost always hits his target. He will tell you lots about the shooting sports, will give you tips on safety and how a healthy lifestyle will help you succeed. In addition, the little stork offers you many opportunities for recording, filling in, coloring and doing brain twisters and he even wants to give you an award at the end. Have fun!

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    TítuloLearning Shooting Sports
    SubtítuloArchery - Rifle - Pistol
    AutorKatrin Barth, Beate Dreilich
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    Katrin Barth is a certified teacher with many years of professional experience and publisher of the children\'s sports series ?Learning ? Training ??.

    Beate Dreilich is a certified sports instructor and has been a German national coach for sport shooting as well as training coaches for the German Rifle Association for twenty years.

    Año de Edición2009
    Núm. Páginas152
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