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Let go of the past

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    Let go of the past
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    I feel like I am separated from the world by this glass window. I stand in the nameless space far away from the world fireworks and watch the flowers blossom and fall in this world. The pendulum of the clock, moving rhythmically, ticking slightly, every sound is a reminder of the loss of time. Heart, can not help but a little panic, now every second, is the next second of the past, now everything, then tomorrow's past, the future is always in the next second we can not see the place, and the past, we do not necessarily walk through. Loss and regret, let time suddenly like a dream, at this moment has become a cruel reality. The landscape years, the seasons, the joys and sorrows, the gains and losses are all twists and turns of the heart. Looking back, those green onions fade, like an old painting, like an old song.

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    TítuloLet go of the past

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