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Life in a Jungle

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    Life in a Jungle
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    Bruce Grobbelaar is the most decorated goalkeeper in Liverpool FC's 125-year history. And yet, question marks have followed him around; question marks about his goalkeeping suitability; question marks about his integrity after match fixing allegations were laid against him. Here, Grobbelaar takes you to Africa, where nothing is at it seems; he takes you back to an era when Liverpool ruled Europe; he takes you to the benches of the Anfield dressing room, where only the strongest personalities survived. For the first time, he takes you inside the court room, detailing the draining fight to clear his name.

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    SubtítuloMy Autobiography
    AutorBruce Grobbelaar, Ragnhild Lund Ansnes
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    Born in South Africa, Grobbelaar served in the Rhodesian Bush War before moving to Canada. He came in as a replacement for the great Ray Clemence where he spent 15 years at Liverpool, winning 19 medals.

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    TítuloLife in a Jungle

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