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Line Training for Dogs

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    Line Training for Dogs
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    Unless they're on a lead, many dogs refuse to come back to their owners, and simply do as they please. Dogs like these commonly spend their lives on leads that are much too short, so are unable to enjoy the privilege of running free in meadows and fields, because they haven't learned to take notice of their owners and come back on call or whistle. The advice that's often given to anyone who owns a dog like this is to give line training a try, but not many people know how it's done. This is the first book published on this subject and provides step-by-step guidance on how to perform successful line training with your dog.

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    TítuloLine Training for Dogs
    SubtítuloHow it's done
    AutorMonika Gutmann
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    Monika Gutmann runs the Modern Dogs school together with her husband in the Allgäu region of Germany, where she focuses on training puppies and young dogs, clicker training, recall and discouraging hunting behaviour. She has successfully trained all kinds of dogs on tracking leads over many years and has developed a step by step dog-training programme that dog-owners everywhere can follow.

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    * What is line training and why is it necessary?
    * Step by step to success
    * Targeted recall training
    * Exercises for young and older dogs
    * Structured training and training schedules
    * Line training for aggression problems
    * Everyday training with long lines

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