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Lose Weight Habits it's Easy!

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    Lose Weight Habits it's Easy!
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    Learn how to PERMANENTLY lose weight without dieting and without spending hours in the gym. The secret truths about diets that the weight loss industry doesn't want you to know.Planer for diets and detox and much, much more . . .

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    AutorSarah. Leneart
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    My name is Sarah. I am 34 years old and for the past 14 years I have been working as a nutritionist. Ever since I was a teenager I have struggled with weight and health problems. Because of this I started to monitor my nutrition and noticed improvements in my health. I tried to cut out the sugar and unhealthy foods I was consuming. I liked this way of life and continued to apply it. As a result my metabolism improved and I felt much healthier. These healthy habits became a part of my new daily routine. Everyday I read more and more about healthy lifestyles and eventually reached my goal weight. Now, I continue to eat and follow these plans to maintain a balanced weight.One hospital learned about my healthy programs and diet plans and invited me to work with them. I spent almost 3 years helping patients after operations. Over the years I have made over 100 nutrition and diet plans for clients with varying weight and health problems. Everyone that followed my programs experienced good results.Now I am working and raising 2 daughters. Despite my many daily responsibilities, I apply healthy habits and work to pass them onto my daughters. I look forward to sharing with you all my life experiences with the purpose of helping even more people through this book. Lets fight against the bad products that we are offered -- say NO to fast food and fried products and GMOs that shorten our life expectancy.With respect,

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    TítuloLose Weight Habits it's Easy!

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