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In 'Louis Philippe', authored by John S. C. Abbott, readers are transported to a turbulent time in French history as the book unfolds the saga of the man destined to be France's 'Citizen King'. Chronicling Louis Philippe's dramatic life, Abbott draws us through poignant episodes of desperation, resilience, and political savvy exhibited by Philippe amidst the chaos of post-revolutionary France. Abbott's prose eloquently captures the essence of the period, showcasing a literary and historical fidelity reflective of 19th-century biographical writing. Anchored in the dramatic political upheavals that reshaped Europe, this work attests to the interplay between individual fortitude and the fickle tides of destiny. John S. C. Abbott, a historian and biographer renowned for his 19th-century narratives of prominent figures, demonstrates an intimate grasp of his subject in 'Louis Philippe'. Abbott's keen interest in the transformative epochs of history and the individuals who shape them is evident. His detailed accounts are informed by an era where high moral lessons and the celebration of human endurance against tyranny were often the focus. By portraying the hardships and adventures of Louis Philippe, Abbott illuminates the qualities that led his protagonist from adversity to the throne. This tale delves into the overarching influence of social turmoil on personal destiny, rendered by a seasoned chronicler of the past. Abbott's 'Louis Philippe' serves as an engrossing historical portrait, appealing to those captivated by the human stories interwoven with the grand tapestry of history. This book is recommended for readers who seek to understand the influences of lineage, revolution, and personal agency within the broader context of 19th-century European politics. Abbott has undoubtedly provided an authoritative and immersive account that will enhance the libraries of history enthusiasts and scholars alike.


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John S. C. Abbott
Makers of History Series
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Louis Philippe
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<p>John Stevens Cabot Abbott (1805-1877) was an esteemed American historian, pastor, and prolific author known for his comprehensive biographies and historical texts. Born in Brunswick, Maine, Abbott followed in the footsteps of his brother, Jacob Abbott, also a well-known author and educator. J. S. C. Abbott graduated from Bowdoin College in 1825 and subsequently from Andover Theological Seminary in 1830. He was ordained as a minister in the Congregationalist church but devoted much of his energy and passion to writing historical works. Among his notable contributions is the biography \'Louis Philippe\' (1871), which presents a detailed account of the life and reign of the last King of France, offering insights into the political and social challenges of the time. Abbott\'s literary style is characterized by a blend of academic scholarship and accessible narrative, aiming to educate the public about notable historical figures and events while engaging them in the broader human story. His ability to weave comprehensive research with storytelling garnered him a significant readership during his lifetime. Abbott\'s extensive bibliography is a testament to his dedication to educating Americans on their own history and that of the broader world, with a focus on the political and moral lessons which could be gleaned from the past.</p>
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