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In this provocative and poignant book, 500 Years Of Culture: Louisiana's Creole French & Metis People, Food, Language and Culture, I seek to provide my intelligent lay readers appropriate and useful scholarly resources which illustrate that a pre-Acadian culture of Canadian and North American Métis roots, to which was added European, African and later Spanish elements combined in both "Upper" and "Lower Louisiana" resulting in a multi-ethnic, but distinctly unique Louisiana Creole culture. Though reminiscent of other kindred Creole cultures and people of the world of the former French Empire, she remains unique.
This unique historic, but forgotten culture existed prior to the arrival of the Acadians, and its cultural and linguistic traditions resulted in Louisiana's historic "Creole" culture. This multi-ethnic culture's food ways, language and social traditions were hijacked and promoted as if it was something totally new in the 1970s and 80s, and then relabeled "Cajun" with no regard for the pre-existant and dominant history and sensibilities of the non-white ethnicities who were the true originators and creators of Louisiana's long indigenous and pre-Acadian culture!
It is my hope to sufficiently demonstrate through this historical narrative, which is both passionate and humorous, how greed, ignorance and commerce joined hands in relabeling Louisiana's historic multi-ethnic Creole French and metis culture as if Acadian-Canada was the source of this remarkable and unusual culture which remains foreign to anything in Acadie!
Informative and well-researched, I submit to you the reading and caring public, this revision which is also a much more readable, better edited and supplemented text.
In this book, for example, a badly needed chapter on the cultural relationship between Louisiana Creole and Haitian Creole culture is provided and will prove to be a great source of help in avoiding needless confusion of these two separate, but kindred cultures.
Though small, this little book will no doubt, prove to be a powerhouse of jaw-dropping facts, as it is an uproariously humorous expose' of one of the most popular cultural forces in America and across the planet today!
And, notwithstanding our best efforts, sometimes typographical errors and misses occur. For whatever imperfections of text remain, I take full responsibility as I also apologize to you dear reader.


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John LaFleur II
500 Years Of Culture
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Louisiana's Creole French People: Our Language, Food & Culture
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ISBN: 9783736820555
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