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Love and Attraction

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    Love and Attraction
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    We all know that relationships can be difficult. One of the best methods we have for making every relationship less stressful and more enjoyable is to show a little patience.

    Patience has been defined as what we lack for the driver in front of us and demand from the driver behind us.

    In truth, patience is nothing more than time.

    Time before we say something: Think of a time when someone was not patient with you when you needed them to be. Think of how you felt. Think of how deeply you might have been hurt.

    The next time you find yourself losing patience with another, take a moment to remind yourself of how you felt when someone had no patience with you.

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    TítuloLove and Attraction
    AutorNishant Baxi
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    Experienced Freelance content provider / marketing professional with a demonstrated history of working in the publishing industry. Skilled in E-Learning, Market Research, Online Advertising, Management, and Business Development, content development.

    Año de Edición2020
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