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Making European Citizens?


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Making European Citizens?
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Model European Union (MEU) is a simulation of European politics that provides participants with a hands-on experience of the decision-making process of the European Union (EU). Hundreds of young Europeans meet each year at multi-day MEU conferences in cities across Europe. Does this experience have a measurable and lasting impact on participants' knowledge about and attitudes towards the EU? And if so, how can we theoretically and empirically explain these effects? Paul Rünz develops a framework for the analysis of European citizenship and discusses several mechanisms that could account for attitude changes of MEU participants. To answer his research question, he employs a quasi-experimental design with quantitative data from surveys with participants of MEU conferences in Strasbourg, France and in Mainz, Germany.

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TítuloMaking European Citizens?
SubtítuloHow Participation in Model European Union Conferences Influences European Identity, Support of the EU and Political Involvement
AutorPaul Rünz, Annette Schmitt, Johannes Marx, Volker Kunz
Año de Edición2014
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