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Market Blues

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    Market Blues
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    Things unravel so fast. One day Sam is a kid with a straightforward life, next moment he's sucked into a time warp and flung back a hundred years. Meeting Flea, Gertie and the gang is just the start of a crazy adventure with Sam on the run from police, sleeping outside the morgue, laying bets on horse races, fighting thieves and larrikins. An accident in a shooting gallery confronts Sam with the hardest decision he's ever had to make. Can he change the past - and his own future?
    Market Blues is a fast-moving drama about city kids then and now, about change, choice and responsibility.

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    TítuloMarket Blues
    AutorKirsty Murray
    Biografía del Autor

    Kirsty Murray is the author of several non-fiction children\'s books and one novel. She has worked as a forest ranger, archivist, artist and teacher, and now is a full-time writer. Her previous novel, set in a bush circus, was Zarconi\'s Magic Flying Fish (1999).

    Año de Edición2014
    Núm. Páginas240
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