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Mavuto (A problem Child)

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    Mavuto (A problem Child)
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    Mavuto is a story for readers that want to escape from the usual kind of novels that are easy to predict. It takes a natural flow to its sequence of actions and it is fully immersive. The book circles around mundane decisions and choices and how they affect daily life. The story is centred on a man called Mavuto and how his family and friends related to him because of his name. The book has a thrilling touch of crime and mystery from the start to finish.

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    SubtítuloThe natures Keeper
    AutorPindukani Milanzi Muwandia, Carol Tiyelesa Phiri, Harrington Mumba Kasongo
    Año de Edición2020
    Núm. Páginas71
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    Formato Electrónico (Virtual)EPUB
    TítuloMavuto (A problem Child)

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