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Memoirs of a Madam - Episode 1


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Memoirs of a Madam - Episode 1
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Hardwick Manor is an uncharted territory of fantastical pleasure. The charming Madam has this otherworldly estate under her complete control. Her diverse collection of beauties is thriving. Her rich and powerful clientele are always coming back from more. From humble roots working the streets, Madam has found true success as a mentor to a new class of working girls.

Madam lives her days in pure ecstasy as she watches her girls satisfy the desires of johns. Her voyeur kink pairs well with champagne poured by her seductive maid, Zora, who ignites more than just the end of a cigarette; her mouth, her tongue, her body are also extremely addictive.

All the girls at Hardwick look up to Madam as a respectable matron, an unwavering leader with much knowledge to bestow. Yet, when an old friend arrives unannounced, Madam's grip on power loosens, and she's reminded what it's like to lose control.

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SubtítuloThe Fantastic World of a Charming Lesbian Mistress
AutorKat Abad
Biografía del Autor

Kat Abad is a North-American author creating beautifully crafted and sensual lesbian erotica. She brings her own experience into detailed stories ? usually with a BDSM spin on it. Think of Abad\'s books as the lesbian, actually good, 50 Shades of Grey counterparts.

In her own words, \"\"I write erotica because there is nothing I love more than arousing others. Not just sexually, but also mentally. I want to open a reader\'s mind with vivid imagery, push their boundaries, make them think. Make them feel. Feeling anything in such a numbing world is a gift.\"

BERLINABLE is not simply a publisher, we are a community.
We create a network of people who are connected by their need to be free and explore their sexuality.
Our talented authors either write from experience or are pro connoisseurs of their writing topics.
This authenticity is what makes our books so special.

Año de Edición2020
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TítuloMemoirs of a Madam - Episode 1

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