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Memory of a Dream - Love against all odds

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    Memory of a Dream - Love against all odds
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    It started out as a spontanncous idea between friends over an ice cream: Jennny and Tina would love to meet their idol in Palm Springs - the incredible American entertainer Barry. When their wildest dreams come true and the two woman arrive in California, a passionate liaison start between Jenny and Barry. But is this love strong enough to continue in the face of a bewildering life inn a foreign country, the challenges of show business and Jenny's homesicknness?
    When Barry suffers a heart attack annd subsequently falls into a coma, Jenny's big dream ends with a rude awakenning. Is there still hope for a comeback - in love and in show business?

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    TítuloMemory of a Dream - Love against all odds
    AutorCatrin Zahn
    Año de Edición2012
    Núm. Páginas90
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