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Mighty Mites

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    Mighty Mites
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    Mighty Mites uses what we know about children and infuses it with youth soccer. Utilizing exciting stories, we engage young players and achieve a deeper understanding of the game than most would believe possible through skill development. This simple approach helps coaches easily accomplish more while keeping every player active as everyone has the best time imaginable.

    This book has all you would ever need to run a complete season, not only for a parent volunteer but for club officials looking for programming throughout their organization.

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    SubtítuloYouth Soccer Session Plans and Methodology for U4-U8
    AutorChris Castell
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    Chris Castell has been involved with youth coaching for a number of years, primarily as a Coerver coach. He is currently the South Carolina State Director for Coerver Coaching. He played in England and collegiately for the University of Montevallo, reaching the Final Four of the national tournament as he gained the school record for the hightest number of starts.

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    TítuloMighty Mites

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