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    4 BOOKS IN ONE--A COLLECTION OF THEMES AND SONGS VOLUME 1 AND VOLUME 2--9 EPIC TRGEDIES--MY MIND SHADOW AND I--FAR OUT AND PEACE OUT!A COLLECTION OF THEMES AND SONGS VOLUME 1--THIS IS A BOOK OF 75 POEMS AND 25 SONGS. HERE IS AN EXAMPLE POEM--HERE IS A SAMPLE POEM?GETTING DRUNK OFF THE BLOOD OF ANOTHER?I go on sipping with a fury which is so enlightening―draining out the vital essence of another so very passionately―sinking deep into their flesh and bones―ripping away with bloody teeth―I go on drinking―I keep on drinking until the bottom has gone up―I keep going on―always staying on top of the drinking game being played here?the blood of another victim slowly drips from of their wound―ever so slowly trickling down their skin―another scream goes into my chalice of mixed up spirits―I continue drinking―a bottle embedded with scars―scar covered flesh and bones laced with the impure pleasures of the eternal night―that bottle is exactly what I always must keep by my side―I keep drinking?more and more faceless spirits now depart my vision―everything that has mattered to me in my lifetime has been swept away―all that I had ever known―all that I will ever come to know―knowledge which soon will be whittled away―to be pulled out from the depths of a smothering void―a void vast and immense―dried out and left for dead―with the nothingness of death firmly implanted and bolted into my skull―by the the hornless trinity which rules my demons―me, myself, and Imy jaws go smashing down with the fury of a bloodthirsty pirate―the nectar of my current victim tastes sweet and always supercharges my drive―my quest for immortality, if you will―craving indulged--HERE IS A SAMPLE SONG--BRUTAL AWARENESS--one must defend the honor of that one's purity?push comes to shove and then rage to insanity?lady justice is so raw, blind, and aggressive?crushing all that she finds so very offensive?governed by the pompous makes no sense at all?one by one we go down and then away we fall?can I not break this needless standing repetition together we stand, but we are all in competition the choice has come down to nothing and no more?duplicated then split apart into quadrants of four?nothing seemingly appears the same as if they disappear?a call from the apocalypse breaks you free and clear?taking a joy ride from the brain to the heart?stopping at attractions to find a brand new start?be sure to bow your heads and mock and jest?when the mind follows and ignores all those left?hone in on your futuristic life and enjoy the trip?focus within your mind until apart it has become ripped?beats doing time in reality and being left for dead?rise from a lake of blood and see how long you can tread A COLLECTION OF THEMES AND SONGS VOLUME 2--50 POEMS AND 50 SONGS ON DEATH, THE UNIVERSE, AND EVERYTHING IN IT--HERE IS A POEM FROM THE BOOK--ANYTHING GOESprocrastination comes best when I am sizing myself up?any way you want to expect it?is how exactly I am going to show you?show you the way?a new way?get ready?get set?let's goI always tend to enjoy visiting nothing land?where everything is a free for all?what comes up?must come down?the hell inside my skull is driving me six feet underground?I believe I just blew my coveror did I ever have a cover to blow?I constantly remind myself that I am everywhere?once you think you believe in me?think againone false belief in me is all I need?that is when I will size you up to become my next fallen prey?from your soul to mine and then back again?here's to drinking with you?cheerson one final note?anyone here interested in playing a game of charades?you show me your best outfit?I'll show you mine?anything goes--THERE ARE 2 MORE BOKS IN THIS VOLUME--9 EPIC TRAGEDIES (9 EPIC POEMS) AND MY MIND SHADOW AND I. (A BOOK OF 100 SONGS)--HAVE A BLESSED DAY!

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