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Minea, the Bull Dancer

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    Minea, the Bull Dancer
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    My grandfather had told me the story many times: the mean murder of Androgenos, the son of the Cretan king Minos, because he had won all the games on the mountain of Olympos with his superior strength. It had been Athens' king Aegeos himself who had stabbed the successful prince to death in sheer jealousy, and it hadn't come as a big surprise, that the mighty Minos had send a hundred ships of war to take out a bitter revenge on Athens. To escape his own demise and to keep the peace King Aegeos had to promise the yearly delivery of seven young boys and seven beautiful virgins to Knossos on the island of Crete, those poor children were then trained to dance naked for the sacred bulls before they were sacrificed to the godly monster of the Minotauros in his dark labyrinth in the mountain . . .

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    TítuloMinea, the Bull Dancer
    SubtítuloDiscovering the pleasures of a most modern ancient society!
    AutorPierre d'Amour
    Año de Edición2017
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