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Modern Magic

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    Modern Magic
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    "Modern Magic" is a treatise in book form, detailing the apparatus, methods and tricks used by the magicians and conjurors. It was the first book in the English language to really explain how to perform magical feats. The treatise contains advice on the appearance, the dress and the staging of a magician. It then goes on to describe many tricks with playing cards, coins, watches, rings, handkerchiefs, dominoes, dice, cups, balls and hats, and concludes with a long chapter of miscellaneous tricks, including magic with strings, gloves, eggs, rice and some utility devices. The penultimate chapter describes large stage illusions, and the final chapter contains advice on routining a magic show, as well as more advice on staging.

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    TítuloModern Magic
    SubtítuloA Practical Treatise on the Art of Conjuring
    AutorProfessor Hoffmann
    Biografía del Autor

    Professor Hoffmann (real name Angelo Lewis) was considered to be one of the greatest authorities on the theory and practice of magic, despite his own limited professional experience as a magician. He imparted much of his wisdom and expertise in the art of magic through a series of four books: \"Modern Magic\" (1876), \"More Magic\" (1890), \"Later Magic\" (1903), and \"Latest Magic\" (1918), the first of which is best known.

    Año de Edición2020
    Núm. Páginas470
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