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Modern Mayr-Medicine & VIVAMAYR-Principle

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    Modern Mayr-Medicine & VIVAMAYR-Principle
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    Maintaining good health is a difficult undertaking these days, as the hectic pace of everyday life, both at work and at home, leaves so little time. The same challenge also applies to nutrition.

    For the first time Modern Mayr medicine comprehensively examines nutrition as the result of food and our digestive performance. We quickly realize that it is our responsibility whether we stay healthy or become ill, as we are in control of our lifestyle and what we eat. Modern Mayr medicine is therefore more than just a diet, it is a therapeutic concept for the medical treatment of sensitivities and diseases.

    The Vivamayr principle not only combines modern complementary medical diagnosis and therapy, but also shows ways for us to maintain the health improvements we have achieved throughout our lives.

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    SubtítuloGood digestion, better life
    AutorHarald Stossier, Georg Stossier
    Biografía del Autor

    Prof. Dr. med. Harald Stossier is a general practitioner and the medical director of the vivamayr health centre in Maria Wörth at Lake Wörthersee in Carinthia, Austria. He focuses primarily on
    strategies for health maintenance and the treatment of civilization diseases. At the centre of this lies Modern Mayr medicine and other forms of modern complementary medicine, especially
    Functional Myodiagnostics and Orthomolecular Medicine.

    Dr. med. Georg Stossier was born into a family of \"Mayr doctors\". After finishing medical school in Timisoara, Romania, he completed various complementary medical training courses and is involved in various issues concerning nutrition.

    Tabla de Contenido

    1. Introduction
    2. Fundamentals of Modern Mayr-Medicine
    3. Vitality is measurable
    4. Diagnostics according to Mayr - The diagnostics of health
    5. Digestion and acid-base regulation
    6. Principles and procedure of Modern Mayr Therapy
    7. The smooth transition to everyday life
    8. Modern Mayr-Medicine and its influence on mind and soul
    9. From planning to everyday eating habits - dos and don'ts
    10. The Vivamayr-principle - Healthy into the future
    11. What can modern Mayr Therapy do; what can it not do?

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    TítuloModern Mayr-Medicine & VIVAMAYR-Principle

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