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Museums, Migration and Cultural Diversity

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    Museums, Migration and Cultural Diversity
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    Historically, an important role of museums has been to contribute to national homogenization. The book specifically deals with how the Swedish museum sector of culture and history addresses new demands from a society that is profoundly characterized by migration and cultural diversity. Besides the museums' representations of migration and cultural diversity, the book also examines how changes in the museum sector relate to general policy developments in the fields of culture, integration and minorities. The book also discusses whether and how museums are open for dialogue and collaboration with migrants and ethnic minorities and the kinds of problems museums encounter in their efforts to be more inclusive.

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    TítuloMuseums, Migration and Cultural Diversity
    SubtítuloSwedish Museums in Tune with the Times?
    AutorChristina Johansson
    Biografía del Autor

    Christina Johansson is a senior lecturer in International Migration and Ethnic Relations at Malmö University and has for several years been affiliated to the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for European History and Public Spheres in Vienna. In addition to her studies of how museums address issues of migration and diversity, she has published extensively on the relations between state, nation, migration policy and the representation of migration. She is currently engaged in a research project concerning the collaboration between museums and schools to educate schoolchildren about diversity.

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    Overview of the Research Field

    Theoretical Points of Views

    Limitations, Sources, and Methods

    Swedish Migration History and Migration Politics

    Swedish Museums' Work with Migration and Cultural Diversity over Time

    Museums' Current Approaches to Migration and Cultural Diversity

    The Museum of Work - A Modern Museum Promoting Equality

    Malmö Museums - Is This Traditional Museum in Tune with the Times?


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