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    All live talks that Angelos Mavros aka Open Source gave from 2018 to 2020. Most of these talks can be found on his youtube channel with video footage. Angelos mostly talks about music making, music promotion, music marketing and in general how to survive in the music industry & turn your hobby into a profession.

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    SubtítuloTurn Your Hobby Into A Profession
    AutorAngelos Mavros
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    The evolution of Angelos Mavros music began with keyboard and harmony lessons at a very young age, way back in 1991. His productive career began in 1999, when he started making music on his home computer. For more than 2 decades, Angelos kept on releasing electronic music under the aliases OutSid3r & Open Source. In 2020, he flexed his creativity and pulled down the walls between \"electronic\" and organic music, adding live instruments to amp up the cinematic feel of his pieces. His lifelong passion for instrumental music flourished, as he began releasing orchestral music under his real name and a fresh label.

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