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My Favourite Bedtime Stories


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My Favourite Bedtime Stories
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Good night!

Reading to your children is fun, especially at bedtime, and can be a delightful ritual for parents and children alike. This book of bedtime stories is guaranteed to help girls and boys aged 4 and up fall asleep easily. This collection of 13 imaginative stories will whisk children off on a journey during which they will encounter ponies, ghosts and even Native Indians. These charmingly illustrated stories will spark the imagination and help your child enjoy a peaceful night's sleep.

-13 short stories for bedtime
-Fun illustrations
-Wide variety of subject matter

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Núm. Páginas128
Año de Edición2015
AutorAnnette Huber, Doris Jäckle , Sabine Streufert, Friederike Großekettler
Subtítulo13 Wonderful Tales With Atmospheric Illustrations
TítuloMy Favourite Bedtime Stories

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