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My Smart Kids - Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes, Colors

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    My Smart Kids - Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes, Colors
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    Big education book for your kids. Teach your kids alphabet by cartoon animals. Show them first numbers and count sweet cartoon animals. Teach kids the first shapes and colors. In the book, you can find educational games which help remember everything your kids have learned. The big education book is divided into four categories. The first category belongs to the Alphabet with animals. The second part is devoted numbers from 1-100 and sweet cartoon animals. Last two parts of the book devoted shapes and colors. Each part contains educational games which help remember everything that kids have learned.ABC Animal Alphabet for kidsThe book will learn kids alphabet by cute cartoon animals. By the book will kids able to learn the whole alphabet and improve their vocabulary and reading skills. Kids will enhance their understanding of all animals as well. They will learn first animals, such as dog, cat, frog, elephant, mouse, zebra and so on. Cute animals pictures will learn your kids know not just the whole alphabet but animals as well. The book should be a cute alphabet zoo for kids. You can show kids amazing pictures, colors, and letters for each animal. Kids will love learning about sweet cartoon animals. ABC will their friend and alphabet will so easy for them. In the book, you can find a guide on how to write each letter from the alphabet. The second part of the book talks about the manual on how to write each letter from the alphabet. Teach your kids something new which will be so useful for them in their life.123 Learn Numbers for kidsLearn your kids or yourself numbers in English with this book. You can learn the names from 1 to 100 really easy. The book is full of pictures of animals which belongs to the main numbers. Find inside the book picture instruction how to write each number. Kids will love this book full of numbers and nice animals. Last 10 pages of the book are about games. These games will help you or your children remember all numbers in English well. Kids will repeat what they have learned. Games will support kids creativity, logical thinking, and imagination. Teach your small kid's main concepts - numbers and counting. This will very important for your little treasures. Spend more time with your kids and learn something they will need in the future. With this book, they will know numbers very soon, and they will surprise family, friends, and teachers. Have fun, play and learn with this book.Learn Shapes, the book for kidsLearn shapes by this educational book for kids. The book is suitable for all kids who love beautiful pictures and colorful images. Inside the book, you can find the main shapes which each kid need to know. Teach them how to draw each way with a beautiful picture on the right side of each image. This book contains instead shapes also educational games. These games will improve logical thinking, imagination, and remembering your little treasures. Improve kid´s mind and teach them something new. With the book, Learn Shapes can kids know circle, square, cube, rectangle, heart and more objects which are around us. On the end of the book, you can play games with your kids to improve their logical thinking and repeat what they have learned up to now.Learn Colors educational book for kidsExcellent education book for kids to learn common colors. Kids will able to learn and remember all of the colors. After your baby knows all primary colors, they can repeat them by education games. Education games were created to support logical thinking, remembering, and creativity of your kids. Games are hilarious and will help kids remember all the colors. If are your babies in the period, where they care about everything they will love this education book with games. Teach colors to your kids and have fun together. The family will surprise that your smart kid already knows the name of each color and they can learn colors so fast.

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    TítuloMy Smart Kids - Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes, Colors
    SubtítuloAlphabet, Numbers, Shapes, Colors
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    I´m several years in touch with children´s education. My studies at college were focused on pedagogy for children in early school age. I love to create illustrated books for them to improve their love for research. I was worked for many years as a teacher in kindergarten. Also, I love fitness and healthy lifestyle. I´m also a certified yoga teacher and with the passion for it. During college, I also studied the behavior of adolescent children and teenagers. In my spare time, I\'m exploring a healthy lifestyle. I also love graphic design and drawing with our team we development of ios mobile apps and educational games for children. I work inside our team as the main graphic designer. I also create a website focusing on sleek and beautiful design. Acquired learning helps me create creative ideas, with the emphasis on guiding readers to a broader extent.

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