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    Many people have the tormenting feeling of living in an inner prison: They do not feel truly free and comfortable in their own skins. In their despair, they expend a great deal of energy in trying to find themselves or realize their full potential. This effort usually involves seeking a solution to the problem with inappropriate means, which actually increases their lack of freedom.
    This book is primarily targeted at those who are afflicted by narcissism. It describes the origin, development, and possibilities for healing narcissism.

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    SubtítuloEscaping from the Inner Prison
    AutorHeinz-Peter Röhr, Christine M. Grimm
    Biografía del Autor

    Heinz-Peter Röhr practiced psychotherapy at a clinic for substance abuse treatment in Bad Fredeburg, Germany, for more than thirty years. He is the author of numerous long-selling self-help titles, and his books have been translated into many languages. For further information, please visit the author\'s Website.

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    The Iron Stove (Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales, No. 127)
    In the Days When Wishing Was Still of Some Use
    Deprivation of Feelings
    Escape into a Relationship
    Two People Magically Attract Each Other
    The Courage of Despair
    Glass Mountains and Cutting Swords
    The Search for the Beloved
    The Unloved Parts of the Self
    The Three Needles and the Glass Mountain
    The Trip Across the Lake or Remembering
    In the Castle of Inauthentic Feelings or The False Self
    Awakened to Love
    The Trip Back to the Personal Kingdom
    The Journey Across the Lake or The Spiritual Rebirth
    Two Kingdoms or The True Self
    The Redemption of the King's Daughter or Feminine Narcissism
    Peace with the Parents
    The Narcissistic Society
    Interactions with Iron Stove People in the Workplace
    The Feelings Tree ? A Model
    A Brief Overview of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

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