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Nice Shootin' Cowboy

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    Nice Shootin' Cowboy
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    In these blackly humorous and twisting tales, Anson Cameron takes you to the darker fringes of the nation's heartland, where babies are traded illegally out of Ford Falcons, red cordial makes men weep, and the great Australian dream has all but dried up.
    Love them, like them or hate them, Anson Cameron's heroes are ordinary people, all trying to make a quid and beat the system. This is life as immortalised by Tim Winton and Andrew McGahan - where getting by is an art form and getting ahead is for other people. In Nice Shootin', Cowboy, this ragged realism meets sparse and graceful prose in a rare fusion.
    Gritty with irony and spiked with wit, Nice Shootin' Cowboy is a finely crafted collection of award-winning stories.

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    Biografía del Autor

    Anson Cameron was born in Shepparton, Victoria, in 1961. His first novel, Silences Long Gone, released in 1998, was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers\' Prize. He has since written four more novels - Tin Toys (2000), Confessing the Blues (2002), Lies I Told About a Girl (2006) and Stealing Picasso (2009) - and the short story collection Pepsi Bear and other Stories. He lives in Melbourne where he writes a column for The Age newspaper.

    AutorAnson Cameron
    TítuloNice Shootin' Cowboy

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