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Ninety-Three (Illustrated Edition)

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    Ninety-Three (Illustrated Edition)
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    Ninety-Three (Quatrevingt-treize) is the last novel by the French writer Victor Hugo. Published in 1874, shortly after the bloody upheaval of the Paris Commune, the novel concerns the Revolt in the Vendée and Chouannerie ? the counter-revolutionary revolts in 1793 during the French Revolution. It is divided into three parts, but not chronologically; each part tells a different story, offering a different view of historical general events. The action mainly takes place in Brittany and in Paris. Ayn Rand greatly praised this book (and Hugo's writing in general), acknowledged it as a source of inspiration, and even wrote an introduction to one of its English-language editions.

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    AutorVictor Hugo, Aline Delano
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    Victor Hugo was a poet, novelist, and dramatist of the Romantic Movement. And he is also considered to be one of the greatest and best-known French writers.

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    TítuloNinety-Three (Illustrated Edition)

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