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Olympic Education

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    Olympic Education
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    Olympic Education is not only a text book for students and teachers in physical and sport education but also for course instructors and coaches in children`s youth sport programmes, as well as for executives in sports federations. It answers the question, what the term "Olympic" really means in the broader context of the Olympic Games movement and as a global purpose and new challenge for a balanced physical, social and moral education. Olympic Education has a traditional vision and an important future mission that is relevant for all children and youths, in schools as well as in sport clubs.

    In five parts and fifteen chapters, the book shows why the Olympic ideals are a modern challenge not only for a new physical and sport education but also for the development of essential life skills for today. It introduces pedagogical and didactical fundamentals for an Olympic education, in order to bring motor abilities, social behaviour and moral actions in sports and everyday life back together again - in the mind, learning and actions of children and youths, but also of grown-ups in the social settings where young people live.

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    AutorRoland Naul
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    Roland Naul teaches social sciences of children and youth sports, sport pedagogy and Olympic education at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. He also heads the Willibald-Gebhardt-Research Institute that conducts international studies in Olympism, education and sports. His main research areas are European and Olympic studies in physical education, children and youth sport activities.He has published several text books and numerous articles on physical education, youth sports and Olympic education and works to further the education of physical and sport educators at schools, instructors and coaches in sport clubs and in sport federations both nationally and internationally.

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    TítuloOlympic Education

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