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Part One - Into The Fire

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    Part One - Into The Fire
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    A hundred years have passed since the first demon invasion and life in the earth realm is getting back to normal. John Tom Ramirez, name sake of the first hero of the earth realm Jonathan Tanner Thomas aka Jon Tom, is trying to rid all the left over dark creatures. All he wants is to be left alone to find the love of his life. But the life lines have a different path as they bring together several powerful allies to start the second demon invasion. He does not want to be a hero but he will not let his home be destroyed again.

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    TítuloPart One - Into The Fire
    SubtítuloI Am No Hero Series
    AutorJoseph P Hradisky Jr
    Año de Edición2019
    Núm. Páginas142
    Peso (Físico)0
    Tamaño Archivo (Virtual)0.8
    Formato Electrónico (Virtual)EPUB
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