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Place is The Passion

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    Place is The Passion
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    Israel relies for its survival on its lucrative arms trade and American military support. Meanwhile, the Palestinians suffer poverty and destitution as an occupied nation. Indeed, without vast international financial support the Palestinians would face starvation.
    Any solution is impossible while Israel pursues an aggressive program of settlement expansion and ethnic cleansing. The author draws extensively on Jewish sources to prove Israel is on the wrong track.
    He looks beyond the moribund two state solution, which he likens to Apartheid, to show there is a better future achievable for both peoples: one that is secular, democratic, bi-national, culturally vibrant and economically successful.

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    TítuloPlace is The Passion
    AutorDr Bill Williamson
    Biografía del Autor

    This is the author\'s ninth book. Dr Bill Williamson is Emeritus Professor of Continuing Education, Durham University, involved in his university\'s Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. A fact finding study to Israel/Palestine in 2013 led to him writing this book.

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