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Poetry Reflections

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    155 Poems

    A reflection is a distorted rendition of that which casts the reflection. A reflection is a mirrored image that defies the physics of its counterpart. A reflection is a chance to appreciate something, in a different light.
    I have previously released books 1 & 2 for my "From the Mind & Imagination of J.B. Frost" series, but something wasn't right. As I looked back on the content, and the timing, I realized I had to assemble a better assortment of my poetry that would better appeal to the poetry market.
    This E-Book edition of "Poetry Reflections" contains many of my poems from my first two books, and several new ones that were originally slated to be in book #3 of my earlier-mentioned series.
    In my study of poets through the ages, I've learned that most had written things that never made it to print, or put out for public inspection and/or approval. I had taken a more daring road in my first two poetry ventures, and included just about everything I've written over the last few years.
    I wanted a collection that best mirrors the more positive messages I've written. I wanted a better representative of who I am as a writer, and as a person.
    I believe poetry is therapy, and I believe we all can benefit from its sessions.
    I hope you enjoy my work. 

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