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Pot Shots

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    Pot Shots is a collection of forty of Alan Blackwood?s very short stories or vignettes. Written in the first person and based on real people, places and events, they are, in turn, witty, ironic and sad. Together they form a kaleidoscope of images and situations by a writer of rare talent and insight who also believes through his economy with words that less is more.

    'Alan Blackwood?s shorts are like novels condensed to a single page, tantalising, evocative, poignant? - John Carey, Emeritus Professor of English Literature, Oxford University.

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    TítuloPot Shots
    AutorAlan Blackwood
    Biografía del Autor

    Alan Blackwood is the author of numerous books and features on music, including a biography of the famous British conductor, Sir Thomas Beecham. More recently he has turned his skills to writing fiction. Many of his very short stories (or flash fiction) have already appeared in print. He is also completing his first novel.

    About the artist:
    Seattle-based artist Clare Johnson, who has provided the illustration for the cover of this book, studied art in the United States and in Europe. Her work, striking both to the eye and to the imagination, has made her a major new talent in the world of art and design.

    Año de Edición2016
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