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Radical Change

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    Radical Change
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    In Argentina, a peaceful protest turns into a bloody riot, dispersing the crowd that is being chased. A beautiful young woman among the crowd, who fights against injustice, also flees the scene. In the process she sees a frightened tourist pressed against a wall. She grabs him and drags him along. Two weeks later they are married. Her brand new husband returns to Spain while she waits for her travel documents. In the meantime her husband sends his stingy father to pick her up, which results in a lot of tensions between the woman and her father-in-law, to the point where they fight and curse each other constantly, and the journey almost cost her life. She cunningly takes revenge? Who is this obstinate young woman?

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    TítuloRadical Change
    AutorJohn Bakas
    Año de Edición2014
    Núm. Páginas240
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