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Reading my Mind


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Reading my Mind
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Elektra Ackerman continues the series of fantasy adventures in the alien lands. Her characters are a curious mix of people and aliens - all with their own perks, preferences, and kinks. But most importantly, they have bodies that are not human, allowing for a range of sexual experiences and limitless pleasure.

Coming to the foreign planet to sign a treaty, she didn't anticipate meeting two handsome strangers - one with a human-like body and another one with tentacles. Together they walk around the city and enjoy each other's company. Then, her two new friends appear at her apartment to give her the sexual adventure of her lifetime. The aliens' incredible bodies reveal pleasures beyond the reach of an ordinary human.

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AutorElektra Ackerman
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BERLINABLE is not simply a publisher, we are a community.
We create a network of people who are connected by their need to be free and explore their sexuality.
Our talented authors either write from experience or are pro connoisseurs of their writing topics.
This authenticity is what makes our books so special.

Elektra Ackerman presents steamy creative erotica with intricate plots and sudden narrative twists. In her stories, Ackerman creates alternative worlds that readers get immersed in, yet the sexual experiences of her characters are inherently relatable and human. If you\'re a fan of fantasy literature and often get lost in imagined worlds these stories will surprise you and expand your imagination further.

Año de Edición2020
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TítuloReading my Mind

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