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Remembering and Recounting the Cold War

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    Remembering and Recounting the Cold War
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    Perceptions and images of the Cold War as they appear in textbooks, in the classroom but also in public and in the scientific discourse are topic of this volume "Remembering and Recounting the Cold War ? Commonly Shared History?".
    These perceptions and images are particularly interesting because they are part of the communicative memory and are thus in the process of undergoing change. It is also the task of history didactics, here understood as a science concerned with investigating, theorizing on and
    staging the way of how people and societies deal with history and memories, to describe, to analyze and to interpret such moldings of teaching cultures, memory cultures and, of course, individual and collective views of this era.

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    SubtítuloCommonly Shared History?
    AutorMarkus Furrer, Peter Gautschi
    Biografía del Autor

    Prof. Dr. Markus Furrer and Prof. Dr. Peter Gautschi, University of Teacher Education Lucerne, Center of History Education and Memory Cultures Lucerne, Switzerland

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    Authors Foreword
    Markus Furrer, Peter Gautschi: Memory Cultures and History Education. Introduction
    Anu Raudsepp: On the Enemy Image in the Cold War Period History Textbooks Used in Estonia
    Daniel V. Moser-Léchot: China after 1949 in Swiss History Textbooks from 1950 to 2005
    Political Culture
    Tamas Kanyo-Fischer: Erud? The Political Culture of the Cold War ? Remarks on Hungary
    Alexander S. Khodnev: The Culture of Memory of the Cold War in Modern Russia, 1991-2015
    Ismail H. Demircioglu: The Culture of Remembrance of the Cold War in Turkey
    Recounting the Cold War
    Markus Furrer: A view of the Cold War in the Swiss Historical Narrative
    Ueli Bischof: The Cold War and Switzerland. Views of History of Central Switzerland Teachers of the Secondary Level I and II
    Ismail H. Demircioglu, Ebru Demircioglu: The Cold War in Turkish History Textbooks
    Ismail H. Demircioglu, Ebru Demircioglu: What Do Turkish History Teachers Think About The Cold War?
    Debating the Cold War
    Joanna Wojdon: Colonel Ryszard Kuklinski (Jack Strong). A Case Study of the Polish Debates on the Cold War
    Lesson dossier on a history double lesson from Switzerland
    Documented and compiled by Peter Gautschi, Hans Utz, Nora Zimmermann: Switzerland's Attitude in the Cold War

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    TítuloRemembering and Recounting the Cold War

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